Losing our self esteem in LOVE

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Is it OK to get compromised in love, if yes, till on which extent. Each and every creature on this world has its space, we too . . .

 Sam started loving a girl named isha, it was like love at first sight and he was just crazy at that girl. Once they get into the college life, the boy got courage to express him. It was not too late, she accepted and both were in cloud nine. Both were in same college and they were just forgot the world till the day came in their life, college campus interview, Sam was not that talented but Isha was. Isha got selected in a big MNC which she rejected just to be with Sam. It did hurt her as she always wanted to get into a big corporate, but she covered herself with a fake smile and it never get into Sam’s knowledge. Sam was a happy boy, didn’t recognize that, as in the case of job, Isha had done many things for him.

Years passed they got married and the beginning was comfort for both of them, but he never allowed her for a job as he was quite unsecured. One year later a cute boy was gifted to them and both were enjoying their parenting till the cute little boy attained the age of 3. She always wanted her child to be well educated. Due to the medium income they couldn’t and now for the very first time she hardly wanted to be in a good job in sake of her son.  

He was stubborn in his decision which became a big problem in their life. He couldn’t even try to understand her words as so far she never made any point against him……………….

We can do anything for love but only if your counterpart respect your sacrifices, your self esteem, your happiness and your SPACE in this world. Never ever make you, taken for granted.